From your Home page, you can add as many Investments as you want, and you will be prompted to provide information and data.

Investments can be entered and updated manually, or automatically (fully or partially) as explained below.

1) You can add any investment and the corresponding transactions and valuations manually; you will need to select the Asset Class it belongs to (an asset class is a group of investments that share similar characteristics, and you can easily select the right one among the options in the drop-down menu) and the Asset Type (which is another aggregation level, can also be easily selected). We ask you to do this so that we can give you a snapshot of how your investment risk is distributed (or concentrated). 

2) Depending on the Asset Class and Type you have selected, you will be able to add Investments where valuations will be automatically updated for you by Exirio: at the moment, this is the case for Security Portfolios, Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals.

3) You can also decide to connect your bank/brokerage accounts and link your crypto exchanges, which will allow you to have a complete view of your trading history with comparable return metrics across all your positions, updated daily.