Once you are logged in, you will land on your Home page. 

On the left hand side, your Holdings are listed per group: Investments, Cash, and Loans. On the top right section of the screen you can personalize your settings.

Your wealth is aggregated and displayed in three ways:

  • Historical Performance: Firstly, in the centre of your Home page, you can track the Historical Performance of you Investments (grouped by Asset Class) from the first date inputted by you for any Holding up to today: you can choose a stacked bar or an area graph, and monthly or annual values.
  • Asset Allocation: secondly, the Assets (Investments and Cash) in your Holdings are aggregated by Asset Class in a pie chart on the right side of your Home page - giving a glimpse of your wealth diversification.
  • Currency Exposure: Lastly, if you have Assets in multiple currencies your exposure to each individual currency is captured in the last pie chart, below Asset Allocation. Your currency exposure is calculated using the most recent available FX rates.