Security Portfolios, Crypto and Precious Metals are re-priced automatically, as Exirio will trace the available public prices as of the previous closing day. Unless the security you have uploaded does not have public prices providers, you will generally not have to manually update its valuation - ever.

But for less liquid public securities that are traded in smaller exchanges (some bonds, for example), the public price may be updated much less frequently than liquid stocks; and you may have a more reliable pricing available (for example, a live bid from your broker or bank). 

In order to have a more correct valuation of your Portfolio, the solution is to classify that security as a manual one, despite the existence of a public price source. However, this also means that from that moment on, Exirio will rely on your valuation updates and will no longer change the price based on external providers.

A manual valuation is also required if we don't have the Investment you want to add in our database. In that case, please do let us know so that we can add it right away.