When you add a Real Estate asset with a mortgage, Exirio will automatically update its balance to account for your monthly repayments, based on the terms of the mortgage

Exirio's mortgage calculator assumes equated monthly installments (EMI), which means each month you pay the same amount (made of an interest and a capital repayment component) for the duration of the mortgage. Also, it presumes a fixed interest rate: if your mortgage has a variable rate, all you need to do is edit the mortgage information each time the rate changes (the transactions automatically added for the period before the change will not be impacted).

Although EMI is the most common kind of mortgage, there are actually too many mortgage types to count, often with jurisdiction-specific characteristics. Therefore, it may be that your specific agreement implies monthly payments or amortization schedules that are different from what Exirio calculates. Should that be the case, you can manually edit the mortgage balance and interest payments, or reach out to us (support@exirio.com) so that we can assist you with a better alternative to accurately track the real value of your real estate investment.