We would like to inform you that since Wednesday, 2 November 2022, we have been facing episodes  of DDoS attacks on our infrastructure.

What is a DDoS Attack

A DDoS, or Distributed Denial-of-Service, attack consists in overloading Internet services connection requests by attackers. Even the most powerful infrastructure can’t handle an infinite number of requests. Due to this overload, legitimate users are temporarily unable to access the service with the expected performance levels. It is important to notice that data itself is not attacked during DDoS attacks, and remains safe. Unless the service requires critical 24/7 availability these attacks can be more annoying than they are harmful.

DDoS Attack on Exirio

Although we have safeguards and avail dedicated anti-DDoS services, the recent DDoS attacks might have caused intermittent issues in some of our services (unwanted side effects of Exirio being a fast growing venture!). 

We have received threatening communications and promises to stop the attacks in exchange for money. We do not see paying as a feasible solution. Paying ransoms and succumbing to blackmail would not fix any vulnerability or capacity constraints, it would make us more attractive to future attacks, and give us no assurances that future DDoS attacks would be stopped.

So, instead of paying ransoms, we took this opportunity to invest those funds in deploying heavier infrastructure to serve all our Users. We are also working with our technical partners and law enforcement agencies to help minimize the frequency of these acts.

Closing Reminder

The security of our Users is our biggest priority and will continue to be so. As mentioned before, there is absolutely NO indication that any User data was compromised during these attacks.

Thank you for your trust.

The Exirio Team