For the purpose of calculating your returns, a Valuation is what you would expect to receive if you were to sell your Investment on a certain date. 

For some Asset Classes, this is quite easy: the current price of a certain stock is very close to the price at which you could be selling it. But for more illiquid Investments (a house, a watch, an investment into a friend's company or any other Investment that is not super easy or fast to sell) it may not be very straightforward. 

In the future, we may be able to assist you when a realistic Valuation is not obvious, but for now it is up to you to choose a value. And to be more accurate, you may want to reduce the Valuation by whatever transaction costs that may be associated with a possible sale (tax, estate agent commission, other execution fees).

The Valuation tab for Investments with automatic daily prices updates gives you a suite of information in addition to the Current Value of your position:

  1. Last Available Price, which is the closing price of the last trading day; 
  2. Date of Last Update, which is the actual trading day the valuation price refers to;
  3. Last Day Change, which is the percentage change between the last two closing prices;
  4. Current Number of Units;
  5. Current Value;
  6. Unrealized Gain.